Panfu Quest Cheats

Save The Pokopets!

1. Go to the crashed plane and go inside it.

2. Click on Elouise (The Panda standing near the cages).

3. Go to Kamaria in the castle (Go to the terrace then the room to the left).

4. Click on Kamaria (She will say: A lady in a plane tied up. I’ll come with you. Let’s go).

5. Go back to the plane and go inside.

6. Click on Kamaria in the plane.

7. She will ask you to bring her toad slime.

8. Go to the Volcano.

9. Click on the telescope.

1o. Drag the circle to the bottom left corner (Without clicking on the circle!)

11. You will see a yellow light there. Click on it.

12. You now are in the Eerie forest.

13. After that, you will see a toad near the lake.

14. Click on it without letting go!

15. It will automatically let it go when it is full.

16. Go back to Kamaria (In the plane!)

17. Kamaria will then tell you to collect Blossom from the Rainbow Plant so go to Carribean Beach and collect the flower.

18. When you got it, give it back to Kamaria.

19. Come back the next day. (Remember it has to be 12:00 am).

20. When you come back the next day, go to Kamaria in the castle like at the beginning and she will give you the potion.

21. Give it to Elouise.

22. Elouise will then talk and ask you for scissors.

23. Go to the salon and get them.

24. Bring them back to Elouise and click on her (When she can move bring the scissors back to the salon).

25. Then come back to the Plane.

26. Elouise will now tell you to free the Pokopets!

27. Click on the first lock on the left to Elouise.

28. The answer to that riddle is F.

29. (To tell you, if you get the riddle wrong you have to come back the next day).

30. Then click on the second one to the right of Elouise.

31. The answer to that riddle is the Hedgehog (Cuddles).

32. Then click on Elouise.

33. She will say to you: Why aren’t the Pokopets moving out of the cage?

34. So go to the chef (Sanfranpanfu Brown Treehouse to the right).

35. Then click on the chef.

36. Go to the volcano and click on the chili plant.

37. Bring it back to the chef.

38. The chef will tell you to go to Professor Bookworm (In the Jungle cave first door to the left).

39. Click on him.

40. Come back the next day.

41. Then go back to Professor Bookworm and then click on him.

42. Then go to the chef.

43. Click on him

44. Come back the next day.

45. Go back to the chef.

46. He will tell you to solve the riddle on the table.

47. The answer to that riddle is 5 (Don’t right it in letters! Because you get it wrong!)

48. Then click on the chef.

49. Go to Elouise in the plane.

50. Click on the pokopets.

51. Then, go to the barn and speak to Elouise.

52. Then speak to her again.

53. Meet her outside the plane.

54. Then get the screw and put it in the plane.

55. Then talk to Elouise.

56. For this part you will have to wait a while sometimes. It might not work. But try.

57. Go to any place as long as you can then come back.

58. The plane should be shut.

59. So press the red button.

60. Then go back to Elouise.

The Quest is Finished!!!! You did it!!!!! Well done!!!!

P.S Wanna buy a Pokopet? Go to the Barn and buy one!!!!


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